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Genuine Niagara Press Parts

If you’re in need of parts for your Niagara Press, Niagara Squaring Shears or Niagara Tonmeter, you’ve come to the right place. We manufacture parts based on original OEM specifications, and our parts are backed by a one-year Goods and Services Warranty upon delivery.


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Sourcing the right parts at the right time and at the right place is vital for your business. That’s why BCN Technical Services makes sense as your supplier of OEM press parts for your Niagara press. Our customer service staff are ready to help you identify the right part so you can get back up and running smoothly.

You’ll need three things to order genuine Niagara press parts:

1) Model Number

The model number is indicated prominently on your press. For some models we may also need the plate number from the manual. If you have questions, start a chat with us.

2) Serial Number

The serial number can be found in various places on your press. If you need help, see this graphic.

3) Part Name

If you need help finding a specific part, please chat with us.

Find the part you need

Manuals for selected presses are listed below. Choose an option to find and select the model to view the manual and parts list. Questions? Contact us or start a chat.

Type LI-E Friction A-6-A Form
Type LI-P Friction Clutch A-6-D Form
Type LI-D Friction Clutch A-6-E Form
Air Releasing Disc Brake – Form A-6-C-5 Form
Series PN 120 – 150 Ton – Form B-16
Series PN 36 to 90 Ton – Form B-15-B.
Series N 200 Ton Larger Form B-6-A
Series PN 200 Ton Larger – Form B-17-A
Series N 120 – 150 Ton – Form B-5-B
Series IB 15 Ton – Form B-8-A
Series HD 400 Ton Larger – Form B-11-B
Series HD 175 to 300 Ton – Form B-9-C
Series HD 100 – Form B-23
Series HD 55 – Form B-26-A
Series HD 55 – Form B-25-A
Series HB 55 – Form B-35
Series IB 25 Ton – Form B-12-B
Series IB 30 60 Ton-Form B-7-D
Series IB Ton 90 & Larger Form B-13-D-2
Series IB 36 & 65 Ton Form B-13-D-1
Series HB 55 100 thru 350 Ton Form B-36
Series M – Form A-29-E • Gap Frame Press
Series HP – Form A-42 • Hydraulic Gap Frame Press
Series FM – Form A-40-A • Hydraulic Gap Frame Press
Series SE-U-Form A-39-A • Straight Side Press
Series E – Form A-18-C • Gap Frame Press
Series BN-Form-A-41 • Gap Frame Press
Series B & BI-Form A-26-A • Gap Frame Press
Series AA H – Form A-25 • Gap Frame Press
Series A – Form A-20-D • Gap Frame Press
Single Geared Twin End Drive – Form A-13-M-2
Single Geared Twin End Drive – Form A-13-M-1
Single Geared Twin End Drive – Form A-13-L-1
Single Geared Single End Drive – Form A-13-L-2
Series A – FORM A-20-B • Gap Frame Press
Non-Geared Drive Form A-13-H
Eccentric Geared Drive Form A-13-O-1
Double Geared Twin End Drive Shaft Mounted Flywheel – Form A-13-K-1-A-1
Double Geared Single End Drive Form A-13-N
Barrel Adjustment Assembly Wrist Pin Form A-13-D-2
Barrel Adjustment Assembly Wrist Pin Form A-13-D-1
Barrel Adjustment Assembly Ball Screw A-13-D
Air Counterbalance Self Contained – Form A-6-B-1
Adjustable Counterbalance and Tank – Form A-6-B-2
2 Single Geared Twin End Drive Quill Mounted Flywheel Form A-13-M-3
Series One Form C-2-G • Shear
Series IF-0 25 II – Form C-34-C • Shear
Series IF-0 5 II – Form C-37 • Shear
Series IF – Form C-24-B • Shear
Series Spartan 0 25-Form C-33-C • Shear
Series SS Form C-32 • Shear
Series 17 thru 20 Form C-11-B • Shear
Hydraguard Straight Side Type B Form-T-16
Hydraguard Straight Side Type A Form T-12-E-D
Hydraguard Series E Ton Form T-8-E

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