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Bliss Model 1831

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Bliss Press Parts

Bliss Press Plate 1

 Parts List   
1Limit Switch Braket 37Release Lever (lower)
2Limit Switch 38Oilite Bearing
3Flexible Coupling39Adjusting Block
4Rubber Insert40Square Head Set Screw
B-5Oil Pump Drive Sprocket 41Release Lever Shaft (lower)
6Limit SwitchDrive Shaft 42Key
7Limit Switch Connecting Ring 43Cam Roll Arm Adjusting Hub
8Gear Box Drive Sprocket44Cam Roll Arm
9Sprocket Hub 45Cam Roller
10Connection Lube Shield 46Roller Stud
B-11Chain Guard47Square Head Set Screw
B-12Chain 48Gear Box Support Block
B-13Oil Pump Driven Sprocket49Frame
B-14Oil Pump (Bijur) 50Bolster
B-15Oil Pump Mounting Bracket51Gear Box Drive Chain
16Brake Disc Bracket (rear) 52Main Bearing Cap
17Brake Disc Pin 53Main Bearing
18Flywheel 54Crankshaft
19Brake Disc Bracket (front)
*21Motor Sheave
22Brake Friction Disc
23Flywheel Guard* Change Part
24Air Control Valve Mounting Bracket B Bijur Lubrication
25"V" Bolts L Lincoln Lubrication
26Motor Bracket
27Air Tank
28Air Tank Support Strap
29"U" Bolt
30Square Head Set Screw
31Electrical Control Box
L-33Grease Pump
L-34Lube Support Bracket
L-35Inj Support Plate
36Release Lever Stud

Bliss Press Plate 2

 Parts List    
1Chain Housing (top)
2Plate Cover
3Idler Sprocket Arm
4Idler Sprocket
6Idler Stud
7Latch Striker
8Chain Cover Angle
9Chain Cover Angle
B-10Gib Drip Pan (L.H.)
B-11Gib Drip Pan (R.H.)
13Gear Box Key
14Gear Box Stud
15Vacuum Pump Mtg. Bracket
16Vacuum Pump
17R.H. Support
18L.H. Support
19Idler Sprocket Arm Stud
21Chain Housing (bottom)
22Chain Guard Cover (bottom)
23Inspection Cover
24Chain Housing (center)
25Chain Guard Cover (top)
B Bijur Lubrication

Bliss Press Plate 3

 Parts List
1Connection Cap
2Connection Bushing
4Connection Screw
5Ball Cap
7R.H. Gib
8Adjusting Screw
9K.O. Cam Bracket
10K.O. Roller
11Roller Pin
12K.O. Cam R.H.
14K.O. Lever Spring
15R.H. K.O. Lever
16K.O. Bracket
17K.O. Lever Pin
18Slide Plate
20K.O. Plate
21L.H. K.O. Lever
22K.O. Cam L.H.
23L.H. Gib
25Ball Seat
26Ball Cap Bushing
27Clamp Plug Cap Screw
28Clamp Plug Spreader
29Clamp Plug Bolt
30Clamp Plug

Bliss Press Plate 4

 Parts List   
1Lock Plate36Motor Sheeve
2Cover Plate37Motor
3Oilite Bushing38Rear Outgoing Side Guide
4Gear Cover39Outgoing Scrap Guide
5Washer 40"T" Slot Nut
6Upper Roll Gear 41Center Outgoing Scrap Guide
7Release Lever Shaft 42Front Outgoing Side Guide
8Upper Roll Holder 43Lower Scrap Discharge Roll
9Bearing 44Bearing
10Clamp Screw 45Housing Plate
11Taper Pin46Lower Discharge Roll Gear
12Clamp Screw Handle 47Washer
13Discharge Roll Cover
14Upper Roll
15Upper Roll Holder Cap
16Front Feed in Side Guide
17Front Feed in Scrap Guide
18Center Feed in Scrap Guide
19Rear Feed in Scrap Guide
20Rear Feed in Side Guide
21Gib Head Key
23Roll Release Lever (upper)
24Release Lever Stud
25Rod End Bearing (upper)
26Release Spring Rod
27Oilite Bushing
28Release Spring Rod Plate
30Oilite Bushing
31Roll Lever Adjusting Rod
32Rod End Bearing (lower)
33Scrap Discharge Housing
34Driven Sheeve
35"V" Bolt

Bliss Press Plate 5

 Parts List     
1Front Feed Finger46Throw Block 91Top Gib
2Front Finger Screw 47Adjusting Bolt92Filler Block
3#2 Feed Finger48Miter Gear93Skip Motion Finger
4#2 Finger Screw49Cover Block94Auxiliary Feed Bar Insert
5"T" Nut 50Adjusting Screw95Auxiliary Short Finger
6Lock Guide Block 51Sleeve96Spring Pin
7Top Rail52Crank Arm (lower end) 97Filler Block
8Spacer 53Bearing98Feed Bar Block
9Bottom Rail54Retaining Ring99Feed Bar Plug
10Cover Plate (long) 55Retainer Washer100Feed Bar
11Cover Plate (short) 56Pressure Plate 101Standard Feed Finger
12Spacer Block 57Spring Pad 102Auxiliary Feed Bar Insert Key
13Stack Plate 58Micro Switch103Filler Block Key
14Stack Plate Bracket59Detector Lever Arm Bracket104Clamp Bushing
15Strike Bracket60Spring 105Finger Bushing
16Guard Side 61Detector Lever Arm 106Rod End
17Auxiliary Feed Guard62Detector Arm Pin 107Lock Nut
18Auxiliary Feed Bar Ext. 63Dowel108Male Rod End
19Link Pin64Latch Bracket109Crank Pin
20Auxiliary Feed Bar 65Latch 110Bearing
21Lock Ring 66Feed Table 111Hinge Block (L.H.)
22Grease Fitting 67Spring Bushing112Gib Plate
23Gauge Strip68Support Frame Latch113Gib Plate
24Spring 69Latch Pin 114Mounting Plate (L.H.)
25Adjusting Washer 70Contact Support Frame 115Switch Bracket (L.H.)
26Bronze Bushing71Dowel116Switch Trip Plate
27Auxiliary Feed Lever 72Pressure Plate Stud117Switch Bracket (R.H.)
28Pivot Pin 73Spring118Mounting Plate (R.H.)
29Auxiliary Feed Bracket74Pressure Plate (front)119Adjusting Bracket
30Snap Ring 75Pressure Plate (center)120"T" Bolt
31Rod End 76Pressure Plate (rear) 121Adjusting Screw
32Connector Rod 77Hinge Block122Spring
33Rod End 78Hinge Pin123Pressure Button
34Spring Plug79Magnet124Back Gauge
35Spring 80Magnet Sleeve125Hinge Block (R.H.)
36Yoke Plug 81Fill in Bar126Hinge Pin
37Yoke 82Fill in Bar127Yoke Pin
38Stop Pin 83Strip128Slide Block
39Crank Arm (upper end) 84Strip Guide129Spring
40Headless Liner 85Strip Guide130Hinge Pin
41Yoke Pin86Magnet131Table Dowel
42Crank Arm Connector 87Magnet Sleeve
43Adjusting Handle 88Strip Guide
44Retainer Screw (L.H. thresd)89Shoulder Bolt
45Retainer Washer 90Lock Lever

Bliss Press Plate 6

 Parts List
1Hose Stem
2Rod Collar Cross Feed Rod
3Feed Blade Holder
4Cross Feed Blade
5Bell Bearing
6Feed Holder Pin
7Suction Tube Support
8Suction Rod
9Suction Connection Link
10Gear Housing Cover
11Suction Connection Link Guard
12Suction Lever Guard
13Suction Conn Link Bushing
14Suction Tube
15Suction Cup Holder
16Suction Bearing Nut
17Suction Tube Bearing
18Suction Cup
19Suction Cup Screw
20Cross Feed Rod

Bliss Press Plate 7

 Parts List
1Strip Stack Bracket (R.H.)
2Stack Bracket Key
3Strip Stack angle (R.H. front)
4Strip Stack Holder (front)
5Cross Bar (front)
6Strip Stack Holder Clamp
7Strip Stack Angle (L.H. front)
8Strip Stack Bracket (L.H.)
9"T" Bolt
10Strip Stop Bracket
11Cross Bar Brace
12Sq. Head Set Screw
13Strip Stack Angle (L.H. rear)
14Sheet Separater
15Strip Stack Holder (rear)
16Cross Bar (rear)
17Strip Stack angle (R.H. rear)
18Strip Guide

Bliss Press Plate 8

 Parts List    
1Retaining Washer 36Cam Roller
2Sprocket37Gear Shaft Bshg. (short)
3Sprocket Hub38Change Gear Yoke L.H.
4Cover39Change Gear Bolt
5Gasket 40Change Gear Yoke R.H.
6Oil Seal41Change Gear
7Shims42Gear Shaft Bshg. (long)
9Driven Shaft Miter Gear44Change Gear Shaft
10Shim45Spec. Washer
11Spacer46Gear Box Cover
12Bearing47Change Gear Cover
13Throw Arm Drive Gear48Gasket
14Bearing49Quick as a wink Valve
16Gasket *change part
17Cup Carrier
20Oil Seal
22Gear Box
23Drive Shaft
24Oil Pump Cam
*25Driving Pinion
26Retaining Ring
28Retaining Ring
30Pinion Bearing Cap
31Valve Bracket
32Lever Pin
35Cam Roller Pin

Bliss Press Plate 9

 Parts List   
1Cross Feed Lever R.H.35Gasket
2Spring Rod36Bushing
3Spring Seat (lower)37Yoke Pin
4Spring 38Cross Feed Yoke
5Spring Sleeve39Catter Pin
6Spring Seat (upper)40Cross Feed Rod
7Flange Bearing41Bronze Bushing
8Gasket42Cross Feed Rocker Arm Shaft
9Bronze Bushing43Front Spacer
10Oil Seal44Cam Gear
11Flange Bearing45Cam Gear Shaft
12Gasket46Rear Spacer
13Suction Lever47Bronze Bushing
14Gear Box48Gasket
15Bronze Bushing49Flanged Bearing
16Cam Roller50Oil Seal
17Cross Feed Roller Arm51Oil Seal
18Cam Roller Pin52Scrap Roller Cam
19Suction Rocker Arm Shaft 53Spring Rod Screw
20Bronze Bushing54Cam Roller Washer
21Bronze Bushing
23Flange Bearing
24Oil Seal
25Oil Seal
26Cam Adjusting Hub
27Vacuum Break Cam
28Vacuum Cam
29Cam Spacer
31Flange Bearing
32Cross Feed Lever L.H.
33Oil Seal
34Flange Bearing

Bliss Press Plate 10

 Parts List
3Pump Piston Follower
4Tension Rod
5Retainer Ring
7Spring Retainer Plate
9Piump Body
10Pipe Plug
12Streiner Plug
16Check Ball
18Ball Seat
20Spring Seat
21Pump Line

Bliss Press Plate 11

 Parts List   
1Locknut36Main Drive Shaft
2Lockwasher37Inner Curling Ring
3Curling Ring Hub38Washer
4Bearing Retainer39Support Ring
5Shim (upper)40Outer Curling Ring
6Bearing 41Spring
7Shim (lower)42Main Table
8Curling Ring Hub Shaft
10Bearing Hub
12Curler Hub Miter Gear
13Taper Pin
14Set Screw
15Cam Follower
16Conveyor Drive Chain
17Main Shaft Bearing Bracket
18Bronze Thrust Washer
19Bronze Bushing
20Support And Pivot Bracket (R.H.)
21Main Drive Shaft Brg. Brk't. (R.H.)
22Curier Support Bracket
23Flange Bearing
24Conveyor Drive Sprocket
26Yoke Stud
27Idler Arm Yoke
28Idler Arm Bushing
29Idler Arm Support Bracket
30Idler Arm
31Main Drive Shaft Brg. Brk't. (L.H.)
32Support And Pivot Bracket (L.H.)
33Motor Driven Gear
34Motor Driven Gear

Bliss Press Plate 12

 Parts List    
1Jam Detector Arm (L.H.)
2Jam Detector Bracket
3Jam Detector Rod
4Shaft Caller
5Jam Detector Arm (R.H.)
6Jam Detector Switch Arm
7Set Screw
8Side Guide Holder
9Micro Switch Bracket
10Micro Switch
11Side Guide Roll (inner)
12Side Guide Roll (outer)
13Plate Support Bracket
15Rod End (upper)
17Rod End (lower)
*18Top Liner (R.H.)
*19Die Chute (R.H.)
20Die Chute Holder
21Top Liner Support Clamp
*22Top Liner (L.H.)
*23Die Chute (L.H.)
24Conveyor Belt
25Belt Support Plate
27Magnet Sleeve
29Magnet Support Bar (upper)
30Magnet Support Bar (lower)
*31Chute Rail L.H. outside
*32Chute Plate
*33Chute Rail L.H. inside
*34Chute Rail R.H. inside
*35Chute Rail R.H. outside
*change part

Bliss Press Plate 13

 Parts List
1Conveyor Belt Pulley (lower)
2Key 1/4 x 1/4 x 3-7/8 LG
3Taper Pin
4Idler Bracket (R.H.)
5Set Screw (flat Pt.)
6Idler Pivot Bracket
7Bearing Bracket (upper)
8Conveyor Belt Pulley (upper)
9Ball Bearing
10Key 3/16 x 3/16 x 3-7/8 L.G.
11Upper Pulley Shaft
12Support Channel
13Socket Head Cap Screw 3/8-16
15Idler Bracket (L.H.)
16Bronze Bushings
17Idler Bracket Pin
18Grease Fitting
19Ball Bearings (Idler Pulley)
20Idler Pulley
21Idler Pulley Shaft
*22Conveyor Belt Driven Gear
23Conveyor Belt Drive Gear
24Conveyor Driven Sprocket
25Ball Bearing (lower pulley)
26Drive Pulley Shaft
27Drive Shaft
28Bearing Support Bar
29Bearing Bracket (lower)
*Change Part

Bliss Press Plate 14

 Parts List
1Stacking Channel (short)
2Stacking Channel (long)
*3Tie Bracket
4Stacker Channel Spacer
*5Discharge Chute L.H.
6Stacker Screw Guard R.H.
*7Discharge Chute R.H.
8Stacker Channel Bracket R.H.
9Center Stacker Bracket Guard
10Stacker Channel Bracket L.H.
11Stacker Screw Guard L.H.
*Change Part

Bliss Press Plate 15

 Parts List
1Stacking Screw Bracket L.H.
2Grease Fitting
3Stacking Screw L.H.
4Cap Screw Socket Head
5Stacking Screw R.H.
6Center Stacking Bracket
7Stacking Screw Bracket R.H.
8Main Table
9Stacker Drive Sprocket
11Idler Bracket
12Idler Arm
13Bearing Block
14Stacker Driven Sprocket
151/4 x 1/4 Key 1.3/8 Lg.
16Outer Stacker Drive Gear
17Stacker Drive Shaft
18Inner Stacker Drive Gear
191/4 x 1/4 Key 2.1/16 Lg.
20Bronze Bushing
21Idler Stud
24Bronze Bushing
25Idler Sprocket
26Stacker Bracket Guide Key
27Stacker Driven Screw
28Bronze Thrust Washer
29Bronze Bushing
30Stacking Screw Shaft

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