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Series F & G Foot Operated Squaring Shear Form C-4-A

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Niagara Press Parts

Basic Machine – Series F Shears

Part #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Bumper, Treadle (22F, 30F, 36F, 42F, 48F)20Plow Bolt Nut (certain models only)39Pin, Holddown
2Gage Nut21Knife Washer40Yoke, Holddown
3Gage Washer22Plow Bolts41Bed Mounting Screw
4Front Gage Bar23Upper Knife42Washer
5Front Gage Bolt24Lower Knife43Treadle
6Front Bracket Screw25Crosshead (22F, 30F, 36F, 42F, 48F, 5F, 6F shown)44Bed Adjusting Screws
7Front Bracket25ACrosshead (8F, 10F shown)45Adjusting Piece Screws
8Set Screw26Brace Rod Nuts46Adjusting Piece
9Collar, Holddown Shaft27Crosshead Brace Rod47Bed (22F, 30F, 36F, 42F, 48F, 5F, 6F shown)
10Set Screw28Coupling47ABed (8F and 10F shown)
11Eccentric Lever29Brace Rod48Front Gib Liner
12Eccentric Strap30Brace Rod Bolt49Rear Gib Liner
13Holddown Shaft31Brace Rod Bolt Jam Nuts50Spring Spacer and Pin (when used)
14Lockwasher32Yoke Pins with Lotter Pins51L.H. Leg (22F, 30F, 36F, 42F, 48F, 5F, 6F shown)
15Holddown Spring Pin33Yokes52R.H. Leg (8F and 10F shown)
16Holddown Spring34Treadle Rod Jam Nuts53Treadle Bearing
17Holddown (36F, 42F, 48F shown)35Treadle Rod54Clamping Stud
17AHolddown (5F, 6F, 8F, 10F shown)36Side Gage Screws55Retainer Ring
18Lockwashers37L.H. Side Gage56Counterbalance Spring
19Knife Guard38R.H. Side Gage57Counterbalance Spring Rod

Basic Machine – Series G Shears

Part #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Bed17Upper Knife Bolt & Washer32Lower Knife
2Crosshead18Treadle Lever Bushing33Brace Rod with Nuts
3Holddown19Lower Knife Bolt & Washer34Brace Rod Bolt with Nuts
4Holddown Stud with Washer & Nuts20Spring Holder35Bed Clamping Bolt with Washer
5Spring Rod Bushing21Treadle Lever Pin36Knife Guard
6Holddown Shaft22Connecting Rod with Nuts44Holddown Pin with Cotter Pins
7Eccentric Lever with Set Screw23Spring Rod with Washer & Nuts45Backgage Rod
8Eccentric Strap24Spring46Gib Adjusting Screw with Washer
9Holddown Yoke with Nut25Spring47Jam Nut
10Holddown Shaft Collar with Set Screw26Gib48Bed Adjusting Screws with Washer
11L.H. Housing27Front Bracket with Screws49Lever Setscrew with Nut
12R.H. Housing (Not Shown)28Front Gage Stop50Crosshead Adjusting Screw with Nut
13Treadle29Front Gage Bolt51Front Gage Nut
14Treadle Lever30R.H. Side Gage52Treadle Lever Link
15Lever Pin with Cotter Pin30AL.H. Side Gage (Not Shown)
16Connecting Rod Yoke31Upper Knife

Quick Setting Back Gage (Standard on 22F, 30F, 36F, 42F, 48F, and G series

Part #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Locknuts10Clamping Nut
2Capscrew11Clamping Bolts
3Capscrew12Back Gage Rod
4Stud13Jam Nut
5Link14Back Gage
6Screw15R.H. Sleeve
7Pointer16L.H. Sleeve
9Pin Handles

Rack & Pinion Back Gage (Standard on 5F, 6F, 8F, 10F)

Part #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Shoulder Bolt15Roll Pin
2L.H. Support Link16R.H. Sleeve
3L.H. Sleeve17Snap Ring
4Clamping Bolt18R.H. Support Link
6Knob20Back Gage Bar
7Clamping Nut21Brace Rod Bolt
8Pin Handles22Jam Nut
9Hex Head Capscrew23Back Gage Rod
10Jam Nut24Jam Nut
11Brace Rod25Ratchet Wrench
12Pinion Shaft26Socket Hd. Setscrew
14Connecting Shaft

Ball Bearing Parallel Package (optional on 8F & 10F only)

Part #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Counter Cover21R.H. Trunnion - Connection Shaft41Retaining Bushing Nut
2Counter Pulley22Connection Shaft42Slide Fastening Screw
3Counter Bracket23L.H. Trunnion - Connection Shaft43Slide Nut and Tension Washers
4Counter24L.H. Gear Case Ring44Slide
5Gear Case Mounting Screws25Key45Stop Pin
6R.H. Gear Case26L.H. Gear Case Shaft46Backgage Bar
7L.H. Gear Case27Nut47Bracket Fastening Screws
8Knurled Knob28Washer48L.H. Backgage Bracket
9Handwheel29R.H. Bearing R.H. Shaft49R.H. Backgage Bracket
10Friction Plate30Spacing Collar50Bracket Dowels
11Shaft - R.H. Gear Case31L.H. Gear Case Bevel Gear51L.H. Adjusting Screw (Not Shown)
12R.H. Bearing - R.H. Shaft32L.H. Bearing L.H. Shaft52R.H. Adjusting Screw
13R.H. Gear Case Bevel Gear33Key53Timing Belt
14L.H. Bearing - R.H. Shaft34Pipe Plugs54Timing Belt Pulley
15Coupling Gear35Nut55Decimal Equiv. & Lub Plate
16Key36Washer56Brace Rod Nuts
17Key37Adjusting Screw Bevel Gear59Backgage Brace Rod
18Coupling Sleeve Scale38Key60Jam Nuts
19Coupling Sleeve39Adjusting Screw Bearing61Brace Rod Bolt
20Spring40Retaining Bushing62Oil Hold Cover

Front Extension Gage (Optional)

Part #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Gage Block Adjusting Screw7Side Gage Mounting Screw
2Gage Block8Floor Mounting Screw
3Clamping Plate Screw9Extension Gage Stand
4Clamping Plate10Bracket Support
5Scale Fastening Screw11Gage Bottom
6Scale12Side Gage

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