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Single Geared Twin End Drive – Form A-13-L-1

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Single Geared Twin End Drive – Form A-13-L-1

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NOTE: Flywheel Bearing Lubrication (Once Each Year) Presses with clutch on driveshaft, Serial Nos. 47200 thru 52000-remove cover from clutch and lubricate through fitting on end of driveshaft. Presses with Serial Nos. 52000 and above lubricate through fitting located on end of driveshaft behind center opening in disc brake. Use Chevron SRI No. 2 grease. Reassemble parts that have been removed before operating press.
12Clutch Hub
13Retainer Ring
14Brake Hub
15Ring Gasket
17Inboard Flywheel Bearing
19Outboard Flywheel Bearing
21Clutch (See Separate Parts List)
44Brake Mounting Plate
45Disc Brake (See Separate Parts List)
46Retainer Ring
47Drive Shaft
48Outer Bearing Retainer
49Retainer Ring
50Roller Bearing
51Retainer Ring
52Retainer Ring
53Locating Bearing
55R.H. Bearing Housing
56Flywheel Brake (Optional-See Separate Parts List)
57Main Gear
58Outer Crankshaft Bushing
59Bushing Dowel
60Inner Crankshaft Bushing
62Outer Bearing Cap
63Inner Bearing Cap
64Bearing Cap Stud
66Main Gear Key
67Grease Fitting (Where Used)

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