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Torc-Pac 40

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Torc-Pac 40

① Scroll to view parts list below or download the spec sheet.

② Once you know which parts you want to order, request a parts quote.

Torc-Pac 40
Part Number DescriptionNo. Req.Part NumberDescription No. Req.Part NumberDescriptionNo. Req.Part Number DescriptionNo. Req.
1Retainer Plate131Planet Pin565Locknut194Spacer1
2Gasket132Planet Washer1066Spacer195“O“ Ring1
3Key Bolt133Stop Pin867Spacer196Oil Slinger1
4Hex Nut134Spacer Ring168Bearing297“O“ Ring1
5Cap Screw35Dowel Pin469Sun Gear198Inner Spacer1
6Lockwasher36Polar Lever2470Oil Slinger199Bushing1
737Retainer Ring171Oil Catcher1100Planet Spider1
8Retainer Plate138Cap Screw72101Planet Gear5
9Gasket139Cap Screw73Slinger1102Spacer Bushing1
1141Guide Ring175“O“ Ring1104Bearing Retainer1
1242Cap Screw76Male Pipe Connector1105Gasket1
1343“E“ Packing177Flex. Hose1106Gasket1
1444Lubrication Pipe178Reducer Bushing1107Oil Seal1
15Spring Retainer2245Quill179Clutch Ring1108Oil Catcher1
16Gasket2246Cap Screw80Cap Screw109Cap Screw
17Cap Screw47Retainer Ring181Back-up Plate1110Spacer1
18Lockwasher48Cap Screw82Brake Ring1111Spacer1
19Cap Screw49Flywheel183Retainer4112Lockwasher1
20Housing150“O“ Ring184Cap Screw113Locknut1
21Friction Disc851Oil Retainer185Retainer Ring1
22Brake Pressure Plate152“O“ Ring286Cap Screw
23Spring2253“O“ Ring187Pressure Ring1
24Driven Disc854Drive Hub188“U“ Packing1
25Cap Screw55Cap Screw89Piston1
26Release Pin856Cap Screw90Spring6
27Cap Screw57Retainer191Oil Catcher Ring1
28Cap Screw58Drive Bolt1292Gasket1
29Key159Spline Hulb193
30Ring Gear160
63Cover Plate1
When it comes to servicing a Clearing Torc-Pac 40, even the most seasoned operator can have trouble identifying and locating the parts that need to be replaced. Without the original blueprints, navigating the dozens of pins, bolts and screws can be a challenge. Luckily, BCN Technical Services has access to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) drawings, making it easier to understand what makes the Torc-Pac tick.

Once you download the diagram, you can use it to help diagnose your press, identify which parts need to be replaced and learn how to disassemble and reassemble the machine. Each part is conveniently labeled, so you can refer to the chart for the part’s exact name and other identifying information. The chart also displays the required quantity of the part, in case you want to order the full set or keep a few spares on hand. Either way, when you order from BCN, you’re ordering from Clearing – and there’s no better way to service your press than from the source itself.

Cost-Effective Programs

If you’re looking to streamline your Torc-Pac 40 service and save on time and costs, browse through the programs we offer specifically for this metal press. As part of the Direct Exchange Program, you can send in old or damaged clutches and brakes to our Hastings, Michigan facility, and receive like-new, factory-rebuilt units in return.  BCN engineers will inspect your old parts, rebuild them and re-sell them to future customers. Or, you might opt for the Repair and Return Program to send your clutch in for service, have it repaired and then given the same clutch back for prompt installation.

Another popular option for Torc-Pac 40 users is to enroll in our Preventive Maintenance Program, where you can set up a time for the machine to be overhauled. This means every part will be inspected, damages will be reported and malfunctioning pieces will be replaced to keep your press functioning properly. It’s always best to stay on top of your operations and take preventative action; otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing unexpected delays and revenue loss later on.


If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help your Torc-Pac 40 run smoothly and efficiently, or about the other services BCN can offer you, contact us today or call 1-269-948-3300.

Why use genuine parts?

① Good and Services Warranty

Purchase press parts with confidence from BCN Technical Services. We guarantee at the time of delivery, the goods will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will perform services in a prompt, professional and workmanlike manner. View our Goods and Services Warranty for details.

② Original OEM Specifications

Replacement parts are manufactured to original OEM specifications from record sets maintained by serial number, so there’s no guessing or wondering if a part will fit.  We have original drawings, manufacturing expertise, and the experience of a team of engineers who know your press inside and out.

③ Delivery

BCN Technical Services has an extensive inventory of the most requested OEM replacement parts in stock at our facility in Hastings, MI. Over 14,000 unique spare parts for presses are kept on hand. Our experienced staff is dedicated to quickly providing that critical part, which allows you to avoid delayed repairs, lost productivity and lost revenue.

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