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Torc-Pac 45

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Torc-Pac 45

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Torc-Pac 45
Capacity45 tons
Shaft diameterAt main bearings3 3/4" At Eccentric 7 3/4" (2", 3" & 4" strokes), 9 3/4" (6" stroke)
Bolster AreaL RX FBX thickness 28" x 18" x 2 1/2"
Bed opening LRXFB14" x 11"
Width through back15 1/2"
Depth of throat9 1/2" std. 12 1/2" opt.
Height92 1/2"; over counterbalance cylinder-107 7/8"
Basic overall dimensions (Std. frame)Width40 1/2"
FB upright53"
FB inclined62"
Strokes4" std. 2" opt. 3" opt. 6" opt.
Note: flanged ram reduces shut height by 3 1/2"
Shut heightStandard frame12" 14" 12 1/2" 10"
Opt. high body15" 17" 15 1/2" 13" High body increases overall height
S.P.M.-Choice of one is standard60, 75, 90, 100
S.P.M.-Optional60 to 100, 59 to 69, 69 to 80, 86 to 96, 96 to 108
Slide adjustment2 1/2"
Approximate weight-(Std. press)Standard press6,000#
Slide cap holeDiameter2" (maximum opt.-3") Depth 3 1/4"
FlywheelWeight350#-high speed 190# Speed (std.) 706 R.P.M. @ 60 S.P.M.
Bolster drilling and special openingsOptional
Cushion stroke and tonnageat 100 p.s.i opt.3"-5.6 tons Optional
Flanged ram-with or without slide capsLRXFBOpt. 18" x 14"
Reduces shut height3 1/2"
Main motorHP & RPM7 1/2 HP-1800 R.P.M.

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