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Fast Torc Pac Replacement

BCN maintains an inventory of Clearing Torc Pac drives to meet the immediate service requirements of 22 to 6,000-ton mechanical presses that are equipped with a Torc Pac clutch and brake drive.

If it becomes necessary to replace the Torc Pac drive, a completely interchangeable replacement Torc Pac is dispatched immediately from inventory. Upon its arrival, the Torc­ Pac can be installed in a matter of hours, returning the press to full production.

The old unit can be returned to BCN for exchange on the replacement model. All exchange Torc Pac clutch and brake drives are covered for defects in materials and workmanship under the same warranty as new BCN Technical Services presses.

Torc Pac Conversion

To increase the performance of an older inefficient press, a
Torc Pac conversion package can be engineered to replace the existing clutch and brake unit. Sized to the press tonnage, the conversion package contains all the components needed to increase the productivity of the press and reduce clutch


Torc Pac Drives Serve Wide Capacity Range

Torc Pac drives are interchangeable, not only on presses of one specific capacity, but on all Torc Pac equipped presses within a wide capacity range. An inventory of Torc Pac drives is maintained to replace the clutch unit of all commonly used press capacity.

Torc-Pac 22-60OBI presses to 60 tons
Torc-Pac 24300 to 600 tons
Torc-Pac 40400 to 800 tons
Torc-Pac 90800 - 2,500 tons (some presses to 1,000 tons)
Torc-Pac 205Welding Presses
Torc-Pac 209" "
Torc-Pac 225Fastest stroke rate for presses from 500 to 5,000 tons
Torc-Pac 250" "
Torc-Pac 21001,000 to 6,000 tons
Torc-Pac 230Two-speed clutch units for Double-Action presses
Torc-Pac 280" "

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