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C150 Thru C250 Service Manual

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Frame Assembly

Part #Part Name
1Main Bearing Stud
2Brass Dowel
3Half Bushing (Main)
4Main Bearing Cap
6Shim Laminated
7Front Gib (Left and Right)
9Hex Head Cap Screw
10Hex Nut (Jam)
11Square Head Set Screw
13Bolster Bolt (J.I.C.)
15Hex Nut
16Hex Nut
17Rear Wear Strip (Left & Right)
18Wear Strip (Side) (Left & Right)
20Hex Head Cap Screw
21Hex Head Cap Screw
24Socket Head Cap Screws

Connection Assembly

Part #Part Name
1Connection Cap Stud Nut
2Connection Cap
3Connection Cap Stud
4Wrist Pin Bushing
5Connection Strap
6Connnection Half Bushing
7Connection Cap Bushing Dowel
8Grub Screw