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A-136-F Bliss CKU Clutch

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A-136-F Bliss CKU Clutch

Part #Part Name
K-1Clutch body
K-3Piston packing, large
K-5Brake lining, 1 inner, 1 outer
K-5ABrake lining, bolt & locknut
K-7Clutch lining, 1 inner, 1 outer
K-8Brake spring
K-13Clutch and shaft key
K-16Brake friction disc bushing
K-17Brake friction disc
K-18Snap ringtion disc pin retainer screw
K-19Brake friction disc pin retainer screw
K-23Clutch friction disc bushing
K-23AClutch friction disc bushing with flats
K-24Clutch friction disc
K-25Clutch cylinder head
K-26Clutch cylinder head gasket
K-29Locking plate - (half circle)
K-29CLocking plate - (rectangular)
K-30BSnap ring
K-29ARetainer screws
K-29BRetainer wire
K-30Clutch friction disc pin
K-30AClutch friction disc pin with flats
K-38Driving disc
K-45Driving pin-plain
K-45ADriving pin-w/lug
K-46Air cylinder
K-48Clutch body screws
K-48ALocking wire
K-55Outer retaining ring (snap ring)
K-61Clutch cylinder cover screws
31-FWFlywheel bearing retainer screw
33-FWFlywheel bearing
34-FWFlywheel bearing retainer
42-FWFlywheel bearing adjusting shims
AS-1Air swivel assembly
165-ABrake bracket (lower)
165-BBrake bracket (upper)
71End Plate
72Cap screw
72ALocking wire