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Bliss Rolling Key Clutch 1933

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Bliss Rolling Key Clutch

Part #Part Name
102Clutch Spring, Right Hand Wound, Black
103Clutch Spring Plug
104Clutch Spring Plug Screw
105Clutch Collar
106Clutch Collar Key
107-AEnd Collar
107-BEnd Collar Key
108End Collar Screw
109Wheel Bushing
110Wheel Bushing Key
150-AFull Length Locking Pawl
151Locking Pawl Spring, Left Hand Wound
152Locking Pawl Plug
153Locking Pawl Plug Screws
154-ACombination Clutch
159-OStop Collar
179-OInner Bearing Ring
179-AInner Bearing Ring Screws
180-OOuter Bearing Ring

Bliss Rolling Key Clutch Single Tripping Latch Bracket

Part #Part Name
122Latch Bracket Screws
125Latch Buffer Spring
126Latch Bushing
129Latch Pinion
130Latch Nut
130ANeoprene Washer
130BSteel Washer
131Throwout Cam
133Trigger Engaging Spring Washer
134End Plate
135End Plate Screw
136Trigger Engaging Spring Pin
137Trigger Engaging Spring
138Latch Operating Rack
139Single Trip Latch Bracket without Tail
139-TRCSingle Trip Latch Bracket with Tail
140Trigger and Rack Retaining Plate
142Return Spring Pins
143Return Springs
144Return Spring Yoke
145Return Spring Yoke Screw

Bliss Rolling Key Clutch Foot Treadles

Part #Part Name
1Treadle Lock Assembly
2Treadle Lock Guide
2ATreadle Guide
4Treadle Bushing
5Treadle Fork Pin
6Treadle Fork
7Lower Treadle Rod
8Inside Treadle Lever
9Treadle Rod Clamp
10Outside Latch Lever
11Latch Rod Fork
12Latch Rod
13Latch Lever Switch
14Treadle Lock