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A-127 Bliss Type M Clutch

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A-127 Bliss Type M Clutch

Part #Part Name
M-1Clutch Hub
M-2Piston Packing
M-3"U" Packing
M-4Housing Bolt
M-5Hex. Jam Nut
M-6Headless Set Screw
M-7Brake Disc Pin
M-8Piston Spring
M-9Air Piston
M-10Clutch Housing
M-11Brake Pin
M-12Inner Friction Disc
M-13Taper Key
M-14Hex Nut
M-15Pal Nut
M-16Soc. Head Cap Screw
M-17Air Swivel Housing
M-18Lock Washer
M-19Soc. Head Cap Screw
M-20Flush Plug
M-21Alemite Fitting
M-22Swivel Block
M-23Brake Pin Bushing
M-24Outer Brake Disc
M-25Soc. Head Cap Screws
M-26Plastic Shims
M-27Cap Screws
M-28Alemite Fitting
M-30Hex. Head Cap Screw
M-31Hex. Head Cap Screw
M-32Lock Washer
M-33Outside Timken Bearing
M-34Bearing Closure
M-35Pipe Plug
M-36Outer Discs
M-37Inner Friction Release Disc
M-38Cotter Pins
M-39Castle Nuts
M-40Inside Timken Bearing
M-42Brake Springs
M-43Spring Retainers
M-44Inner Brake Disc
M-45Pressure Pin
M-46Air Cylinder
M-48Crankshaft End
M-49Brake Spring Assembly Screw
M-52Swivel Hose Assembly with Elbow
M-54Pressure Disc
M-61Hex Head Cap Screws
M-70Garlock Klozure
M-71Bearing Retainer
M-165-ABrake Pin Bracket
M-AS-2End Plate
M-AS-3Thrust Washer
M-AS-7Duplex Bearing
M-AS-8Oil Seal