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Bliss DK Brake With Blower

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Bliss DK Brake With Blower

Part #Part Name
1Friction Disc
2Bushing - Round
3Bushing - Flat
5Driving Disc
6Lining Plate Assembly
7Hex Hd Cap Screw
8Flexloc Hex Nut
9Hex Hd Cap Screw
10Spring Lockwasher
11"U" Packing
12"U" Packing
13Cylinder Retainer
14Woodruff Key
15Security Locknut
16Lock Key
17Hex Hd Cap Screw
18Spring Lockwasher
19Hex Hd Cap Screw
21Truarc "E" Ring
25End Plate
26Guide Rod
27Brake Pin - Flat
28Brake Pin - Round
29Brake Spring Retainer
30Brake Spring
31Security Locknut
33Hex Hd Cap Screw
34Truarc Retaining Ring
35"U" Packing
36Brake Cylinder
38Spring Socket
39Dowel Pin
40Limit Switch Mounting Plate
41Limit Switch Pin
42Hex Hd Cap Screw
43Roll Pin
44Fillister Hd Machine Screw
45Spring Lockwasher
46Micro Switch
47Hex Hd Cap Screw
48Spring Lockwasher
49Brake Shoe
50Brake Guard
51Hartzell Blower Assembly
52Socket Hd Cap Screw
53Wire Rope
54Wire Rope Clip
5590° Elbow
56Male Connector
57Hex Pipe Bushing
58Pipe Tee
59Seamless Steel Tubing