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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the press parts for USI, Toledo, Consoldated & Wilkins. We’ve expanded our parts supply and offer many different options to assist all types of customers. If you don’t see the brand you’re looking for here, please contact us .


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Sourcing the right parts at the right time and at the right place is vital for your business. That’s why BCN Technical Services makes sense as your supplier of OEM press parts for your press. Our customer service staff are ready to help you identify the right part so you can get back up and running smoothly.

You’ll need three things to order genuine press parts:

1) Model Number

The model number is indicated prominently on your press. For some models we may also need the plate number from the manual. If you have questions, start a chat with us.

2) Serial Number

The serial number can be found in various places on your press. If you need help, see this graphic.

3) Part Name

If you need help finding a specific part, please chat with us.

Ready for your quote

You have two simple ways to request a parts quote. Submit your request online or chat with one of our specialists.

Why use genuine OEM parts from BCN Technical Services?

① Good and Services Warranty

Purchase press parts with confidence from BCN Technical Services. We guarantee at the time of delivery, the goods will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. We will perform services in a prompt, professional and workmanlike manner. View our Goods and Services Warranty for details.

② Original OEM Specifications

Replacement parts are manufactured to original OEM specifications from record sets maintained by serial number, so there’s no guessing or wondering if a part will fit. We have original drawings, manufacturing expertise, and the experience of a team of engineers who know your press inside and out.

③ Delivery

BCN Technical Services has an extensive inventory of the most requested OEM replacement parts in stock at our facility in Hastings, MI. Over 14,000 unique spare parts for presses are kept on hand. Our experienced staff is dedicated to quickly providing that critical part, which allows you to avoid delayed repairs, lost productivity and lost revenue.

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