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A-110-3 Bliss Inclinable Presses

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Body Assembly

Part #Part Name
2Leg (right hand)
2ALeg (left hand)
5Leg bolt
6Hex nut
7Fulcrum pin
9Hex nut
10Leg tie rod
11Bolster bolt
12Lower frame key
13Tie rod key (lower)
14Allen hd. cap screw
15Allen hd. cap screw
16Allen hd. cap screw
17Tie rod key (upper)
18Body tie rod
19Allen hd. cap screw
20Upper frame key
21Allen hd. cap screw
22Allen hd. cap screw
23Hex hd. cap screws (for wedge)
24Wedge washer
26Body box
27Main bearing bushing
29Flywheel cone spacer
30Bearing cup (flywheel)
31Bearing cone (flywheel)
32Bearing collar (flywheel)
33Cover plate (drive shaft)
34Sleeve collar (drive shaft)
35Bearing cone (drive shaft, left end)
35ABearing cone (drive shaft, right end)
36Bearing cup (drive shaft, left end)
36ABearing cup (drive shaft, right end)
37Driveshaft bearing cap (left end)
37ADriveshaft bearing cap (right end)
38Roller bearing sleeve (left end)
38ARoller bearing sleeve (right end)
39Driveshaft bearing spacer
40Hex hd. cap screw
41Socket hd. cap screw
43Drive shaft
44Main pinion
45Gib hd. Key
46Back bracket
47Anchor shackle
48Shackle pin
49Shackle bolt
50Shackle bolt nut
51Back bracket key
52Motor table
53Motor table adj. screw
54Adj. screw pin (motor table)
55Motor table hinge bracket
56Hinge shaft
57Main gear
58Gib hd. key

Manual Slide Adjustment

Part #Part Name
14Connection cap
14AConnection cap bushing
15Connection cap stud
18AConnection screw clamping plug (head end)
18BConnection screw clamping plug (nut end)
18CConnection screw clamping plug screw
19DConnection screw clamping plug dummy screw
19EConnection screw clamping plug spreader
20Connection screw
20BConnection screw gear key
20CConnection screw adjusting collar
24Punch holder
25Punch holder stud
26Punch holder stud nut
130Connection wrist pin
142Connection wrist
191Connection screw and wrist retaining bushing
192Cap screw
381Connection screw gear, bevel
382Connection screw gear, pinion bevel
383Connection screw hand ratchet
383AConnection screw hand ratchet washer
384AConnection screw pinion and shaft bracket
386Connection wrist plate

Gibs & Knockout Assembly

Part #Part NamePart #Part Name
29Cam adjusting screw31-CKnockout lever shaft
30Cam adjusting screw nut31-DKnockout cam
31Knockout bar31-JKnockout bar retaining pin
31-BFront knockout lever32L.H. main gib
31-B-1Rear knockout lever32-BL.H. wear strip
31-B-2Knockout lever roller pin33R.H. main gib
31-B-3Knockout roller33-BR.H. wear strip