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A-112 Bliss Type G Clutch

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Bliss Type G Friction Clutch

Part #Part Name
6Flywheel Roller Bearing
8Clutch Spider
9Clutch Shell
10Clutch Shell
11Clutch Lining Disc, Outer Driven
12Clutch Lining Disc, Inner Driven
13Clutch Lining
18Piston Packing (Neo Prene)
25Shaft Key
49Operating Rod (or Pressure Pin)
54Operating Ring (or Driving Disc)
55Shoulder Screw
66Driving Disc Return Spring
69Roller Bearing Grease Retainer
70Roller Bearing Grease Seal
71End Plate
76Balance Wheel (or Flywheel)
117-AAir Swivel Complete
405-ALimit Switch Drive Sprocket (or Spacer)
AS-2Swivel Cover
AS-5Bearing Shaft
AS-8Oil Seal
AS-13Swivel Cover Gasket

Brake Unit

Part #Part Name
6Brake Drum
8-BBrake Strap Halves (Cylinder Spring Half)
8-CBrake Lining
8-DBrake Spring Rod
8-EBrake Spring
8-FBrake Spring Spacer
8-GBrake Nut
8-IBrake Attaching Stud Eccentric
10-FBrake Piston
10-GBrake Piston Packing