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Bliss Model 1831 – Bliss Plate 13-15

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Bliss Press Plate 13

Parts List
1Conveyor Belt Pulley (lower)
2Key 1/4 x 1/4 x 3-7/8 LG
3Taper Pin
4Idler Bracket (R.H.)
5Set Screw (flat Pt.)
6Idler Pivot Bracket
7Bearing Bracket (upper)
8Conveyor Belt Pulley (upper)
9Ball Bearing
10Key 3/16 x 3/16 x 3-7/8 L.G.
11Upper Pulley Shaft
12Support Channel
13Socket Head Cap Screw 3/8-16
15Idler Bracket (L.H.)
16Bronze Bushings
17Idler Bracket Pin
18Grease Fitting
19Ball Bearings (Idler Pulley)
20Idler Pulley
21Idler Pulley Shaft
*22Conveyor Belt Driven Gear
23Conveyor Belt Drive Gear
24Conveyor Driven Sprocket
25Ball Bearing (lower pulley)
26Drive Pulley Shaft
27Drive Shaft
28Bearing Support Bar
29Bearing Bracket (lower)
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Bliss Press Plate 14

Parts List
1Stacking Channel (short)
2Stacking Channel (long)
*3Tie Bracket
4Stacker Channel Spacer
*5Discharge Chute L.H.
6Stacker Screw Guard R.H.
*7Discharge Chute R.H.
8Stacker Channel Bracket R.H.
9Center Stacker Bracket Guard
10Stacker Channel Bracket L.H.
11Stacker Screw Guard L.H.
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Bliss Press Plate 15

Parts List
1Stacking Screw Bracket L.H.
2Grease Fitting
3Stacking Screw L.H.
4Cap Screw Socket Head
5Stacking Screw R.H.
6Center Stacking Bracket
7Stacking Screw Bracket R.H.
8Main Table
9Stacker Drive Sprocket
11Idler Bracket
12Idler Arm
13Bearing Block
14Stacker Driven Sprocket
151/4 x 1/4 Key 1.3/8 Lg.
16Outer Stacker Drive Gear
17Stacker Drive Shaft
18Inner Stacker Drive Gear
191/4 x 1/4 Key 2.1/16 Lg.
20Bronze Bushing
21Idler Stud
24Bronze Bushing
25Idler Sprocket
26Stacker Bracket Guide Key
27Stacker Driven Screw
28Bronze Thrust Washer
29Bronze Bushing
30Stacking Screw Shaft