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Series H I J K L Form C-11

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Series H I J K L Form C-11

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Part #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Bed37Holddown Springs for Feet*73Indicator Nut109Latch Hinge Pin145Set Screws for Adjusting Bed In
2Crosshead38Knife Guard74Bracket Dowels110Treadle Rod Clamp146Cap Screws for Adjusting Bed Out
3Holddown39Knife Guard Bolts75Right Hand Adjusting Screw111Latch147Crown Dowel Pins for Leg
4Left Hand Leg40Right Hand Gib76Left Hand Adjusting Screw112Throwout Key148Main Bearing Caps
5Right Hand Leg41Left Hand Gib77Shaft for Right Hand Gear Case113Throwout149Main Bearing Dowel Pin (used on larger shears)
6Eccentric Shaft42Holddown Bearing Caps78Shaft for Left Hand Gear Case114Throwout Bearing Ball150Clutch Wheel Face
7Treadle Shaft43Lower Knife79Bevel Gears for Gear Case115Throwout Bearing Needle151Wheel Face Bolt and Nut
8Eccentrics44Upper Knife80Bevel Fears for Adjusting Screws116Selector Knob Pin152Cams
9Eccentric Straps45Knife Plow Bolts81Retainer Bushings117Sliding Pin153Right Hand Cam Lever
10Eccentric Caps46Crosshead Brace Rod82Nuts for Retainer Bushings118Throwout Shaft154Left Hand Cam Lever
11Locking Sleeve (all except "L" series)47Crosshead Brace Rod Adjustment Bolt83Coupling Gear119Throwout Housing End Cover155Two Holddown Links
12Sleeve Bracket (all except "L" series)48Backgage Brace Rod84Handle120End Cover Cap Screw156Holddown Link Bracket
13Adjusting Shaft (all except "L" series)49Backgage Squaring Shaft85Locking Pin121Spacing Collar157Toggle Pins
14Gear Box50Backgage Sleeve86Knob122Throwout Shaft End Nut158Holddown Link Pins
15Eccentric Wrist Pins*51Locking Sleeve Scale87Ring for Left Hand Gear Case123Latch Spring Pin159Holddown Counterbalance Rods
16Crown52Hand Wheel Scale88Spacing Collar for Left Hand Shaft124Bell Crank Pin160Holddown Counterbalance Spring*
17Backgage Bar53Bracket Scale89Bolt for Connecting Shaft125Bell Crank161Holddown Counterbalance Rod Spring Washers
18Treadles54Backgage Adjusting Screw Indicator Nut90Stop Pins126Latch Spring162Pin for Motor Plate
19Left Hand Backgage Bracket55Woodruff Key for Locking Sleeve91Spring for Coupling127Lock Washer163Motor Plate
20Rigth Hand Backgage Bracket56Hand Wheel Nut92Double Bearing for Adjusting Screws128Throwout Shaft Collar Nuts164Motor Plate Adjusting Screw
21Backgage Hand Wheel57Three Center Bearing Caps93Right Hand Bearing for Right Hand Shaft129Treadle Spring Plunger165Block for Adjusting Screw
22Front Bracket58Bearing Supports for Main Shaft and Counterbalance Springhousings94Left Hand Bearing for Right Hand Shaft130Treadle Spring166Yoke for Motor Adjusting Screw
23Front Gage59Center Bearing Support (used on longer shears)95Right Hand Bearing for Left Hand Shaft131Indicator Collar167Yoke Pin
24Side Gage60Left Hand and Right Hand Counterbalance Rods96Left Hand Bearing for Left Hand Shaft132Locking Bar Handle168Spacing Collar for Outer Lever Shaft
25Gear Box Cover61Center Counterbalance Rod (used on longer shears)97Nut for Left Hand Shaft133Throwout Housing Cap Screw169Shaft for Outer Lever
26Flywheel62Counterbalance Springs98Lockwashers for Adjusting Screws134Throwout Housing170Outer Lever
27Drive Shaft63Counterbalance Spring Washer99Locknuts for Adjusting Screws135Locking Bar171Center Treadle Bearing Support
28Intermediate Shaft64Screws for Anchoring Counterbalance Rods to Crosshead100Handle Spring*136Locking Bar Spring172Turn Buckle for Crosshead Brace Rod
29Intermediate Gear and Pinion Cluster65Motor Starter101Belt Guard137Locking Bar End Collar173Center Backgage Bracket (used only on longer shears)
30Clutch Gear66Treadle Linkage Bell Crank102Cam Roll - Shaft138Cam Roller174Brake Strap
31Cover Bearing67Treadle Linkage Bell Crank Pin103Cam Lever139Key for Bed and Leg175Brake Lining and 1 x 1/4 Tubular Rivets
32Motor*68Treadle Connection Rod104Cam Lever Pin140Single Stroke Cam176Brake Collar
33Treadle Connection69Treadle Lever105Selector Knob Spring141Clutch Sleeve177Brake Strap Stud
34Extension Squaring Gage (Extra)70Right Hand Gear Case106Selector Knob142Clutch Gear Bearing178Brake Spring
35Extension Squaring Gage Adjustable Stops71Left Hand Gear Case107Throwout Spring143Locknut179Brake Spring Stud
36Holddown Feet72Slides108Throwout Pin144Clutch Sleeve Spring180Standard Hex Nut and Jam Nut
181Slitting Gage (extra)
*Not Shown182Guide Piece for Slitting

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③ Delivery

BCN Technical Services has an extensive inventory of the most requested OEM replacement parts in stock at our facility in Hastings, MI. Over 14,000 unique spare parts for presses are kept on hand. Our experienced staff is dedicated to quickly providing that critical part, which allows you to avoid delayed repairs, lost productivity and lost revenue.

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