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Form A-15 Niagara Air Clutch

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Form A-15 Niagara Air Clutch

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Part #Part NamePart #Part Name
1Driving Disc with LiningNiagara Single Plate Air Clutch
2Outer Driven Disc
3aDriving Hub - Clutch Side1Driving Disc
3bDriving Hub - Brake Side2Outer Driven Disc
4Disc Spreader Spring3Driving Hub
5Adjusting Ring with Locking Pin4Disc Spreader Spring
6Operating Cylinder5Clutch Adj. Ring
7Piston6Operating Cylinder
8Cylinder Cover7Piston
9Outer Cup Packing8Cylinder Cover
10Outer Follower Ring9Outer Cup Packing
11Inner Flange Packing10Outer Follower Ring
12Inner Follower Ring11Inner Flange Packing
13Inner Cylinder Spring12Inner Follower Ring
14Cylinder Cap Screws13Inner Cylinder Spring
15Outer Cylinder Spring14Cylinder Cap Screws
16Shaft Lock Unit15Outer Cylinder Spring
17Distributor/Rotor Seal16Shaft Lock Unit
18Brake Ring18Brake Ring
19Clutch End Plate19Clutch End Plate
20Brake End Plate20Brake End Plate
21Clutch Driving Ring21Clutch Driving Ring
22Center Plate
Niagara Single Plate Air Clutch

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