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A-118 Bliss Type K Mod CA Clutch

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A-118 Bliss Type K Mod CA Clutch

Part #Part Name
K-2Piston Packing - Small
K-3Piston Packing - Large
K-7Friction Blocks & Plate Assembly
K-8Spring (see No. K-8-A)
K-8-ASpring - Inner (if used)
K-11-AFriction Disc Pin - Fixed End
K-11-BFriction Disc Pin - Floating End
K-13Clutch Key
K-21-AFriction Disc Pin Plate Screw
K-22-AFriction Disc Sleeve Screw
K-23-AFriction Disc Sleeve - Fixed
K-23-BFriction Disc Sleeve - Floating
K-24Friction Disc
K-25Cylinder Head
K-26Cylinder Head Gasket - Large
K-27Cylinder Head Gasket - Small
K-29Friction Disc Pin Plate
K-38Driving Disc
K-45Driving Pin
K-47Body Dowel
K-48Body Screw
K-49Air Tube Block
K-50Air Tube Block Gasket
K-51Air Tube Packing
K-52Air Tube & Coupling Assembly
K-53Spring Retainer Plate
K-54Shaft Spacer
K-55Driving Pin Sleeve
K-56Spring Retainer Plate Screw
K-59-AFriction Plate Bolt & Lock Nut
K-60Air Tube Block Screw
K-61Cylinder Head Screw
165-ABrake Bracket
31-FWFlywheel Bearing Retainer Screw
32-FWFlywheel Bearing Spacer - Center
33-FWFlywheel Bearing
34-FWFlywheel Bearing Retainer
35-FWFlywheel Outer Clamp Ring
36-FWFlywheel Bearing Spacer - To Clutch
37-FWFlywheel Bearing Spacer - To Clamp Ring
42-FWFlywheel Bearing Adjusting Shim
43-FWFlywheel Clamping Ring Screw
44-FWFlywheel Inner Clamp Ring
45-FWFlywheel Clamp Ring Dowel