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Elb-Schliff Grinder

We are selling a smartLine Model BD10 HYD grinding machine. Click the link below for more details and contact us with inquiries or questions.

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Eliminate downtime with Torc Pac Exchange

Learn about the cost-effective solution to minimize downtime for Torc Pac users. 

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Order Bliss 1831 Press Parts

Request a quote for Bliss 1831 roll feed and strip feed press parts in just a few clicks, and easily reorder by logging into your account.  

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Boost productivity with a press modernization

We perform complete press equipment modernizations on presses of all types and brands. 

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OEM parts for Bliss, Clearing & Niagara


A pioneer in metal forming equipment and mass production of metal parts, Bliss holds millions of original press drawings that support the machines operating in many of today’s munitions factories and press shops. We have parts for Bliss presses and original Bliss press manuals, and we also offer Bliss press service and repairs.

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As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of large metal-forming presses, Clearing has a long history of innovation and a reputation for quality in mechanical and hydraulic press design and manufacturing. Request a quote for Clearing press parts and find original USI Clearing press manuals through BCN Technical Services.

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One of America’s long-standing manufacturers, the name Niagara is synonymous with the design and production of high-quality mechanical and hydraulic presses, press brakes and shears. We can help you find parts for Niagara presses, access original Niagara press manuals and schedule Niagara press service and repairs.

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We’re continually adding parts to our website, but with thousands of parts, not all of them are online. You can view manual pages online using the navigation by Manufacturer above, and then contact us to request a quote. For Bliss 1831, you can now directly request a quote online. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, try these helpful resources.

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Purchase a complete manual

Contact us about custom engineering

Learn how to request a Bliss 1831 parts quote online



Modernizations, Press
Service & Repair

We offer a wide range of press services to prevent downtime and get you back up and running when you need repairs including 24/7 emergency support:

Field Service, Inspections & Maintenance

Press Upgrades, Modernizations & Rebuilds



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Punch Press

A press used to cut holes in materials. These can be small and manual with just one die set or large and CNC-operated with a more complex set of dies.

Stamping Press

A metalworking machine tool for cutting, blanking or shaping metal with a die.

Mechanical Press

A machine press used to modify the shape of a workpiece using pressure. These presses generate tonnage either by crankshaft or eccentric gears.

Hydraulic Press

A machine press that uses a hydraulic cylinder to compress material.

Forging Press

A machine press that uses mechanical or hydraulic pressure to shape metal between two dies.

Eccentric Press

A tool for pressing a workpiece into a desired shape through a variety of impacts.

Gap Press

Also called a C-frame press, this machine may be an open-back inclinable press or a an open-back straight press.

OBI Press

An open-back inclinable (OBI) is a single crank press, either fly-wheeled or singled-geared. These typically use Torc Pacs for their clutches.

Knuckle Joint

A mechanical joint used to connect two rods when tension is applied and a certain degree of flexibility is required.

Canning Press

High-speed mechanical presses used for production of metal cans in the food industry. They come with a feeder, conveyer, curler and gear boxes.


Mechanical shears used for cutting various gauges of sheet metal.